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Before I ran two group submission zines for Parappa and the Studio Ghibli zine, I have news that BOTH zines shall be made and sorted in around 3 WEEKS!

So therefore I will now announce two new group submission zines that are now open:

Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black

So pieces inspired by breaking bad or OITNB, you name it!

Submission guidelines are:

  • 1  - 2 coloured pieces
  • 200dpi
  • text/illustration/comic/photography/collage etc

You can even do one for each zine I am not picky.

The deadline for these are: TBC! so therefore you have as much time as you want for the submissions.

The email to send your zine submissions is :

If you have any questions ask me or Faith as we are both organising these zines together.

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