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Possible commission for an art gallery in LA, where the theme is film bad guys. 


If you have any film bad guy suggestions then do say!

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  1. ekko-foto said: Lord Humungus, the ayatollah of rock and rollah, from Mad Max: The Road Warrior.
  2. jingves said: Okay you must do Zorg from The Fifth Element. I have been hoping you would draw Gary O. for a bit. Really any Gary O. bad guy would be fine. Drexel would be sweet too.
  3. fleetonfoot said: Whaaaaaaat, I may be able to see your art in person then! And I’m trying to think of a cool villain in your style…maybe the White Witch. but maybe not
  4. imqure said: what art gallery in l.a.?
  5. insaneskatebords said: Dr evil from Austin powers
  6. mpusa said: Roy Batty and Pris! Hannibal Lector and Buffalo Bill!
  7. verityroberts said: rasputin should make an appearance, orr javier bardem in the new bond
  8. themondaydouble said: Darkness from Legend or Hexxus from Fern Gully (both played by the talented Mr. Tim Curry!)
  9. loadacrapola said: The Penguin outta Batman, Danny DeVito used to scare the living shite out of me as a kid!
  10. theshadysketchbook said: The Jew Hunter from Inglorious Basterds is quite the evil man
  11. anti-vocal said: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen!
  12. pyuk said: yubaba
  13. b1ue-1otus said: the killer in ‘the lovely bones’! make him look really creepy
  14. yungkingblackbolt said: AWW SHIT! Does that mean you’re coming to LA?
  15. ladywoman said: Gary Oldman’s character in Leon, OBVIOUSLY.
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