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Anonymous: Did you go to school and are you self taught? You're one of my biggest inspos right now and I'm really nervous as to how I'm going to survive going to school for an art major

a mixture of both, because you have to teach yourself within the art world what it is you want to create and do. Art school to me feels like its a guidance for you, and gives you that opportunity to try out as much stuff as you can.

like i still can;t believe i am an inspiration to others from my work cause its just weird THINKING THAT! also to survive you shouldnt be nervous just embrace everyday being around other artists.

as long as you enjoy making work and keep that feeling up you can do well.

everything will come up milhouse for you

Anonymous: Do you have a part time job or are you a full time artist? do you make enough money from your art to live? I think you're amazing and would love to be taught by you. I wish I was at your level of greatness <3333333333333

i am a mixture of both, i work at an airport but i see more of myself being more focused into being full time. i was before hand and that hasn;t gone because you can’t really leave art or retire from it. i made enough to survive from it but it wasnt easy to do, as selling art goes up and down like the activity line on Tumblr. the part time job is a steady thing which is nice. 

thank you though because i get more thoughts of packing it all in, trying to figure out if i am really cut out for it but then i see comments like yours and i want to keep on working. i am not THAT GREAT THOUGH WOW THOUGH am i really a great drawing person ?

Dana Scully